From Pupils:

Let’s you get out all the things inside us which we don’t have the chance to do very often.

When I used the magnadoodle, it felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

A boy was overheard to have said, as he left the bubble tube space, “I feel like a new man!”

About the fingerprint activity – being unique is cool!

About the washing a friend’s hands activity – it made my friend happy and so then made me happy.

Heroes – this gave me a chance to think of what people do for us and say thank you.

Lava lamp – the different shapes helps you concentrate and think about each shape being a person and how special they are.

I liked feeling calm and quiet and it let us think about others.

The prayer spaces made me feel like everyone is equal.

We will never be apart – there is always someone around to love us.

I liked mirror mirror ‘cos it made me feel special.

The heart reminds us of God’s love.

Drawing on the Joy poster made me happy.

The bread made me think about my friends.

I liked the way those star flowers opened up!

I’m thinking about special times with my family.

I was sad thinking about my mummy dying but I hope it won’t happen for a long time.

Forgiveness fizzy tablets made me feel happy.

I hope to have more time to spend with my mum.

I feel sad when I have too much work to do.

My cat died and I was so sad inside.

From a Teenager:

I’ve been to lots of prayer events, but this is the first one I have really enjoyed.


From Teachers:

It is not possible to be quiet and reflective in the classroom so this has been a valuable experience.


From Parents:

I saw a child’s name on the paper hands…she’s moved away now but this shows that the children here still remember her and think about her.

My daughter and son came along yesterday and talked all about the activities last night. They loved it but my daughter lost her glass heart. She was so upset. Her brother offered to share his with her which was a lovely gesture.

My daughter talked of nothing else last night. She loved the fizzing tablet in the water which helped her to remember not to hold on to problems.