Vision, Aims & Values

Mission Statement: Providing an opportunity for primary school age children to hear about and learn from the Christian faith. GenR8 aims to provide high quality resources and activities in a creative and professional way.

Summary Statement

GenR8 is a Christian charity which has been working alongside churches and primary schools since 2001. Started by two local Christians GenR8 became a charitable trust in March 2010, with eight trustees. At the core of GenR8’s work are termly assembly presentations to children in over 150 schools.

In addition GenR8 offers other activities directly to schools as well as providing support and encouragement to churches in their work with schools and primary age children.

GenR8’s Objectives:

  • To present the Christian faith to primary school age children in partnership with local churches and Christian volunteers.
  • To work in partnership with local schools to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • To communicate Christian values and themes with integrity and sensitivity
  • To present a positive image of the Christian faith and the Bible.
  • To equip, inspire and enthuse children’s leaders, local Christian volunteers and churches in their work with children and schools.

GenR8’s Values:

  • Creativity – We aim to communicate creatively in a fun, lively and educational way.
  • Faith – All within GenR8 share a common Christian faith that is central to all that we do.
  • Good Practice – GenR8 aims to implement and communicate good practice throughout its administration, procedures and face-to-face work.
  • Hope – We aim to present the Christian faith and the hope it can bring.
  • Integrity – We aim to have integrity, striving for openness and truthfulness in every aspect of our work.
  • Partnership – Working with and between churches, schools and other relevant organisations  in order to work towards common goals.
  • Respect – We recognise the worth and creativity of each individual, of all faiths and none. We believe in the importance of demonstrating this by caring for and valuing one another.
  • Service – We recognise the value of serving God and others, using each individual’s gifts and talents. We strive to be good stewards of the resources that we have.
  • Teamwork – Recognising the contribution of all of its staff and volunteers, we hope that being part of the GenR8 team with a shared vision brings laughter, growth, friendship and mutual support.
  • Working Ecumenically – Involving Christians from different church traditions to communicate a positive message of Christians working together.

Why do we do what we do?

GenR8 wants to bring quality; creative and dynamic input into schools and churches so that:

  • Every generation has the opportunity to make an informed choice about the Christian message and not write Christianity off without looking at it.
  • Children see that there is a relevance to Christianity, that it can make a difference to their lives.
  • Children get a positive image of the Christian faith
  • Children who are already Christian feel supported in their faith.
  • Children can come into and develop their friendship with God, and understand and experience that following Jesus is anything but dull and boring!
GenR8's Basis of Faith