Inspire Prayer Spaces

Inspire prayer spaces is an initiative that enables Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils to explore values, faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way.

Inspire Prayer Spaces

Inspire prayer spaces brings a range of flexible resources and stations to transform a school or church area into a sanctuary of calm. Each station has a theme which encourages pupils to consider their own views, beliefs, emotions and experiences in a safe environment.

Inspire is a flexible resource and brings an experiential dimension to a variety of subject areas and to pastoral aspects of school life.

Inspire works with schools and local churches to put on prayer space day.

Permanent Prayer Spaces

A permanent prayer space can be a chair or small area in a school that helps students to reflect and explore values, faith and beliefs in a creative and interactive way. GenR8 has developed a series of different resources that are supplied to a school on a regular basis. Local churches are encouraged to aid in the delivery and set up of the space.

For more information on Inspire Prayer Space days or Permanent Prayer Spaces contact Siân Thorne



"I’m thinking about special times with my family."


"It is not possible to be quiet and reflective in the classroom so this has been a valuable experience."


"I liked feeling calm and quiet and it let us think about others."


"The prayer spaces made me feel like everyone is equal."