Xcellr8 Weekend

Xcellr8 is our annual residential weekend for primary school children aged 8-11, which seeks to help children meet with God, as they join with others from around the region.

Games, swimming, sports hall fun, wide games, great food and ‘international carrot flinging’ are all on offer at Xcellr8; with fantastic leaders (from the young to the not so young!) and much more…

Xcellr8 2020 will be 14th – 16th February.

You can contact Steve Whyatt with general enquiries by email or telephone: 01223 237874 or 0759 729 2239.


The theme for 2019 is ‘Imit8‘ where we will focus on the fruit of the Spirit. We will explore the life of Jesus and how He is the ultimate example of a life lived following the Father and filled with the Spirit.


The 2018 theme was ‘Communic8’ and focused on the Lord’s Prayer.


Our 2017 theme was ‘The Master Chef’ and we looked at meals with Jesus!


Our 2016 theme was ‘Rocky Road’ and focused on the life of Peter.

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"This is to thank everyone involved so much for running last weekend. Elly had a wonderful time...Everything Elly reported about the weekend seemed so well thought out and clearly blessed"

"I would like to thank all the people involved last weekend for making the event so wonderful and God-focused for all the children."

"Thank you for such a wonderful weekend! Connie had a fantastic time and can't wait till next year!"

"A big thank you to the Xcellr8 team for giving my children a great weekend."

"Brilliant weekend according to my two..."

"I feel closer to God already!"